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360 solution that will excel the results of your business.

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Human Resources Retention

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Branding positioning expert

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Negotiator Expert

Sales Sustainability

Novel Marketing Strategist



"I live in the tropics, we have rainy, stormy or sunny climates, which are the same situations that we face each day the difference is the attitude we have toward the climate or situation"
Etheldred Chacón



Has been recognized several times in her professional and personal achievements; some of the recognitions has been: Woman to Watch, 40 under 40, Universidad de Puerto Rico-Outstanding, Revista Imagen, Employees in 2014 and 2019.

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Optimization is the key for success

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On site, supporting business objectives with on-site management


Millennial Generation




Continuity in emergencies


Maximize your human resources with the latest technology will give you an optimized operation; resulting in a higher net income.

Case Studies

Increase sales by 1.5% and 27% net income in two months in multimillion sales business.

Improves by 32% efficiency in process improvement.

Develop & Implementation of new products that increase in 25% anual sales.

Launch new corporate image; resulting in a 20% increase in market share.

Established budget & yearly planning to face depressive economic panorama.

Novel brand implementation using actors and novel locations to demonstrate the benefits and why customer needs the product.

Reduce cost by 14%, evaluating contracts and negotiations.

Decrease employee turn-over to less than 1% in 6 months.

Develop and implement certifications to enhance employee & customer experience; resulting in a 25% of process improvement.

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